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Cure diseases.

Pursuing new drugs and therapeutics to treat and cure human diseases.

Treat. Cure.

Accelerating drug discovery for global health

Effective treatments are critical to fighting infections and preventing large-scale disease outbreaks. In many cases, however, we lack effective therapeutics. While this is especially true for novel, neglected and emerging infectious diseases, it is also the case for highly prevalent human pathogens, including influenza.

A significant drug discovery portfolio at Calibr, a division of Scripps Research, is focused on neglected tropical diseases that disproportionately affect the health of populations in the developing world. Scientists at Calibr are applying their drug discovery expertise and infrastructure towards the development of new medicines for diseases that present a huge burden of disease worldwide, including tuberculosis, malaria, helminth infections and diarrheal disease.

In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, major foundations and academic institutions, Scripps Research is committed to developing new medicines and creating transformative solutions for combating infectious diseases, both locally and globally.

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Forging the future of biomedical innovation

Scripps Research has pioneered a new nonprofit research model to dramatically accelerate the translation of groundbreaking scientific discoveries into life-changing therapies. Read article in Scripps Research Magazine.

Partnerships change the world

In 2017, there were over 200 million cases of malaria, resulting in over 400,000 deaths. Using a novel formulation technology, scientists at Calibr are creating a therapy that would provide protection from malaria infection for 3-4 months with a single administration.

Through partnerships with leading charitable foundations, we’re tackling the world’s widespread yet neglected diseases, many endemic to developing countries.