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A hub for global health at Scripps Research.

New technologies, drugs, therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines are needed to detect, prevent and cure diseases that impact some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. We need to mobilize experts from a broad spectrum of scientific fields—from chemists and immunologists, to geneticists and bioinformaticians—to accelerate progress.

Ranked #1 in the world for innovation by Nature Index, Scripps Research has a long history of excellence in infectious disease research. Our scientists tackle problems from both basic and translational research angles, resulting in deep mechanistic insights into the biology, immunology, and epidemiology of some of the most severe human diseases, as well as new medicines for diverse unmet medical needs. Our research drives real change in global health, including the development of promising vaccine candidates for HIV, influenza and malaria, novel immunotherapeutics and drugs for neglected tropical diseases, and new methods for rapid detection of infectious disease outbreaks.

The Global Health Initiative at Scripps Research seeks to build a broad network of local, national and international collaborations with academia, industry and government, to further our commitment to reducing the burden of disease worldwide. With our top-ten ranked doctoral program that promotes interdisciplinary training, we also strive to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists dedicated to the elimination and eradication of infectious diseases.

Our Scientists

Kristian Andersen

Kristian Andersen

Dennis Burton headshot

Dennis Burton

Arnab Chatterjee headshot

Arnab Chatterjee

Juan Carlos del la Torre headshot

Juan Carlos de la Torre

Mansun Law headshot

Mansun Law

David Nemazee headshot

David Nemazee

James Paulson headshot

James Paulson

Jennfier Radin headshot

Jennifer Radin

Bill Schief headshot

William Schief

Devin Sok headshot

Devin Sok

Andrew Su headshot

Andrew Su

Teijaro headshot

John Teijaro

Andrew Ward headshot

Andrew Ward

Ian Wilson headshot

Ian Wilson

Richard Wyatt

Richard Wyatt